How to get there (engl.)

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How to get to there?

The Event takes place in a new modern building – the sports centre of „Turngemeinde in Berlin 1848.e.V“ – at Columbiadamm 111 at the borders of the districts Neukölln, Tempelhof and Kreuzberg.  The sports centre is a two floor building and our dance hall is on the second floor. For those who travel by Car, we provide a private car park or you can use public parking space on the Columbiadamm or on the Lilienthalstraße (Attention: at sunny weekend days public parking space is rare). Or use the good Berlin public transport to get to the sports centre. There is a bus station („Friedhöfe Columbiadamm“) just in front of the sports centre. The bus 104 connects the U8 station „Boddinstr“ and U6 station „Platz der Luftbrücke“. The nearest underground station to the sports centre is U7 „Südstern“. You can download a Network Map of the public transport service on this web site.

Arriving by airplane

Berlin is the destination of many international airlines and among them also low cost carriers.

Berlin has two international airports:

  • Tegel (TXL): Most important airport, connections to all german cities, local transport connection to the Zoo Station with bus X9 and to Alexanderplatz via Central Station with bus TXL.
  • Schönefeld (SXF): When you take Easyjet & Co you will arrive at SXF. A bit outside of Berlin, but it has good connections to Berlin city centre with S-Bahn, regional railway express and buses (X7, 171 to U7 Rudow).

Berlin is missing the following airports:

  • Tempelhof (THF): This airport was closed in October 2008, but is now a beautiful park directly nearby the event place.
  • Berlin Brandenburg (BER): Will certainly be in operation to the next Gay Games in Berlin 😉

Moving Around in Berlin with Public Transport Service

Berlin has a very good local public transport. It consists of Underground (U), city railway called S-Bahn (S), regional railway (Regionalbahn), Metro-Buses (M) (buses that run at least every 15 mins), Metro-Trams [M] (trams that run at least every 15 mins) and „normal“ buses and trams. And no matter what time it is, there is nearly always a possibility to move around in Berlin. The undergound keeps working 24hrs at the weekend (Fri/Sat & Sat/Sun). Weekdays, there is a good night bus system with several connection points in whole of Berlin running at least all 30 mins.

Berlin has a simple tariff structure: The City of Berlin lays in zone A and B (where the Circle Line of the S-Bahn marks the border beetween A and B) and the surrounding of Berlin is Zone C. The tournament venue is in zone A. No matter what kind of ticket you buy, you have to buy at least two zones (AB or BC or ABC). So, travelling through Berlin needs just a ticket AB. If you plan to visit Berlin more than two days, have a look at a week ticket rate or the CitytourCard for 48 or 72 hours. The latter might be interesting as it offers reductions in several museums of Berlin. For more information, please refer the website of the BVG