Queer Dance Camp 2017 (eng.)

pinkballroom proudly presents:

QUEER DANCE CAMP BERLIN 15. – 17.12.2017

A traininLogo_DVETg within the frame of the DVET Sport subsidy.

We offer the now 4th edition of the Queer Dance camp for same sex couples in the year 2017 at the last weekend before Christmas. Intensive training, a lot of fun, new knowledge and hopefully aching muscles are waiting for you. The training camp is designed for all international equality dance pairs of all classes and recreational dancers. Role changes are part of some of the trainigs – some couples want to dance them regularly, others „only“ want to profit from the „new“ experiences.

The training is conducted in either the German or English language.

Equality dance experienced trainers from pinkballroom and other clubs will offer a variety of 11 training sessions à 1,5 hours for both Standard and Latin dance over the course of the weekend. The Trainers of 2017 are: Pascal Herrbach, Gergely Darabos, Margaryta Vyshetravska, Ute Rosanski, Christian Wenzel and Andrea Schlinkert. More information about the trainers here.

The theme of this camp is “Rhythm & Musicality.” We deal with the following questions:

  • How can we reach a characteristic dance feeling in each of the different dances?
  • How do I dance „deep“ in the music without being too early or too late?
  • How do I dance exact rhythm changes without effort in the music?
  • How can we lead the change in rhythm or feel the lead ?

How does the camp work?

  • Together: Dancers come together from different clubs and learn from and with one another.
  • Something for Everyone: All trainings are appropriate for all participants –of whether your concentration is on Standard or Latin.
  • Learning: The trainers will focus on special topics on these three days, enabling them to delve more deeply and time-intensively into each concept than is possible in day-to-day training.
  • Something new: Wait and see; we’re planning some surprises!
  • Fun: Dancing at the Pink-X-mas-Ball & Show & dancing at Café fatal


Cost per person:

  • participants from eastern European countries: 60 EUR
  • all others: 80 EUR
  • The costs will be reduced by 10 EUR for DVET-members, because the DVET will cover this amount in the frame of the DVET sport subsidy.


Please register via mail to info@pinkballroom.de including the following information:

  • name of single person (please let us know, whether you are looking for a partner) or names of couple
  • city and club
  • interested in the dinner get together friday evening?
  • Do you need hosted housing?

After registration you will receive further information referring to the payment.

More information:

We look forward to welcoming you!