Devotional Objects EC 2017 (eng.)

We have a couple of very nice things for you! With the following devotional objects you will have something to remind you on the great event and you help us to be generous for following events (e.g. with the outreach program at the Berlin Open).

Berlin Open Calender

02-April-201613 special moments are displayed in the calendar, which help to keep the memories alive and to increase anticipation. The black-and-white photographs, selected according to purely subjective criteria, have been made available to us by our favourite photographers (see below).

The calendar runs from June 2017 to May 2018. In order to ensure that no one becomes rusty, it also has information about the Equality-tournaments between the European Championship 2017 and the Berlin Open 2018.

  • Our photographers:  Jürgen van Buer, Olaf Höch, Mandy Simon, Karla Pixeljäger, Daniela Weber.
  • Ideas & coordination: Cornelia Wagner
  • Design: Daniela Weber
  • The calendar price (A4) is: 8 Euro

The suprise cup for the EC 2017

With this cup you can remember yourself at the wonderful EC 2017, you may drink the tea yourself, give it to past or future dancing partners or anyone else, you like. The elegant Logo of the ESSDA EC 2017 is the basis design for this cup.

  • The cup costs 8 Euro.

The catalogue for the foto exibition „Same Sex Dance Sport – Moments“

TAusstellungsplakat 10-07-2017he foto exhibition „Same Sex Dance Sport – Moments“ can be visited at the EC 2017 for the first time and afterwards in the townhall Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. The exhibition is accompanied with a catalogue in which 36 well-chosen photos are shown. The catalogue is enriched with supplementary texts.

  • The catalogue (21 x 21 cm, 50 pages) costs 12 EUR.

All devotional objects can be ordered by mail via  . The prices are including VAT and excluding  distribution.