Trainers (eng.)

Gergely Darabos

He started his dancing career in Budapest and danced since 2001 regularly at national and international Equality tournaments. With different partners he gained beneath other titles the world champion of 10 dances in the years 2006 and 2010. At the Equality dance floor he unfortunately lacks in the last years, but on the „other“ floor he is successfully dancing. Together with Stefanie Werner, who unfortunately died this year after severe desease, he won the German title in Combination SEN I. Since 2007 he trains at pinkballroom with a lot of commitment and excellent ideas– one of them the Queer Dance Camp – different groups in ballroom & latin. Since this September he has the trainer B liscence.

Pascal Herrbach

Pascal started in younger ages with dance competitions in the straight sector and has already there been very successful (e.g. German champion junior ballroom 1993). Since 2000 he can nearly only be seen on the equality dance floor. No other male equality ballroom dancer possesses such an impressive success balance.  Together with Christian he became the first official world champions Equality men ballroom in the year 2013 at the Outgames in Antwerp. With other partners he danced latin or 10 dances with success as well. He is training couples at pinkballroom for long years on basis of his deep knowledge and up to date experience as Equality dancers.

Ute Rosanski

Ute started her dancing career at the age of five. She got ballroom, latin, ballet and jazz-dance lessons. And she made her way through the highest classes juveniles and youth until she reached the adult’s S-class both in ballroom (amateur/professional) and latin (amateur). She participated successfully in many national and international tournaments and championships. Ute holds a dance teacher’s A-licence and an ADTV licence. She trained a lot of regional and German champions and is also experienced in teaching formation. She is a member of the presidium of Dance Sport Association of Berlin (LTV Berlin).

Andrea Schlinkert

Andrea is well known not only in Berlin from her performances as “tango slut”. Tango argentine – that has been the first dancing passion, but soon later also ballroom and latin possessed her. Andrea was pinkballroom dancer from the first steps on. For years an A final without Andrea and her partner Kerstin Hübner was unthinkable – as well as the pinki-CSD-wagon without her curious headphones. Since 1998 she is training argentine tango and since 2008 ballroom and latin and additionally she acts as wonderful djane.

Margaryta Vyshetravska

With the age of 5 years she began to dance – first in Ukraine and later in Hungary. She has been finalist in different open IDSF tournaments. Now she changed the party and evaluates other couples as WDC adjudicator – and in the last years more and more at Equality toernaments.2004 she started to work as a trainer and since 2006 she trains same sex couples in Hungary. The success of the Hungarian couples in Latin is not least reasoned by her professional training.

Christian Wenzel

Christian started with dancing as a young adult and immediately in the Equality sector meanwhile 20 years ago. Only later on basis of this experience he started with straight competitions. Before his dancing with Pascal he could gain a lot of national and international successes with different partners, not only in ballroom but as well in latin. He is training couples for 20 years between other at the conTakt Düsseldorf on basis of his intensive examination of Equality dancing.

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