Information for couples/registration (ENG)


Tournaments are held in ballroom and latin, separately for women*, men* and queer couples.

All women* and men* tournaments are open to all trans*, inter* and non-binary persons, but according to the rules, they must be in either the women* or men* category during a tournament. We recognize that the dance category chosen by trans*, inter* and non-binary participants does not necessarily reflect their gender identity, but rather reflects the competition in which they prefer to participate.

In addition, we host the queer tournaments These are aimed at all non-mainstream couples who have not yet felt warmly welcome in the DVET tournaments, e. g. :

  • because they will not assign themselves to any role as non-binary persons,
  • because a woman* leads a man*
  • because a couple with Inter*/Trans* people does not express a typical female*/male* couple,
  • etc.

Queer couples can also participate in the women* and men* tournaments which take place in parallel.

All tournament participants must be at least 16 years old. No further age restrictions. The tournament rules of the DVET apply. The women* and men* tournaments are danced inclusive qualification rounds for the class division– the queer tournaments without qualification rounds.

The pink or lila “Band der Spree” is awarded to the winners of the combined ranking, which are calculated from the results of the open international tournament of the women* and men* tournaments held in ballroom and latin.


  • Vernon Kemp, London (UK)                            
  • Mirian Sørensen, Copenhagn (Denmark)             
  • Jes Christophersen, Malente (Germany)            
  • Horst Beer, Bremerhaven (Germany)                                            
  • Monika Gräf, Köln (Germany)                                         
  • Anita Eggert, Berlin (Germany, afternoon)                                         
  • Ariane Schießler, Berlin (Germany, morning)                              
  • Franz Allert, Berlin (Germany, morning)     
  • Stefan Heinrich, Berlin (Germany, afternoon)                          


  • competition manager: Thorsten Reulen
  • competition desk: Andreas Schöpp, Marcus Nenninger, Stefan Huch
  • chair person: Kerstin Kallmann

Registration for tournament couples

Registration for all tournaments is done here. Further information:

  • You will usually receive a confirmation of your registration within one to two days.
  • All registrations up to 15th June 2024 will be included in the printed start list.
  • Registration via the website is possible until Thursday.
  • On Friday and Saturday (the day of the tournament) you can register at check-in at the tournament venue. This can and should happen spontaneously, but no later than 30 minutes before the start of your tournament.

Start list

List (status 16.06.2024, hint: there may be a few days between your registration and the publication on the list)

Data protection

The registration information will be used for the preparation and organisation of the tournament. A starting list with the name and club as well as the results will be published. If you do not want to be mentioned by name on the lists, please indicate this in the appropriate field when registering. Please note our privacy policy (in German).

Starting fee:

Single start/multiple start (for ballroom & latin incl. queer): 15,- € per person

The entrance fee includes the entrance fee for the whole day.

Other prices:

Drinks and delicious food can be purchased on site during the tournament as well as in the evening.

Sunday brunch: 5 € per person (incl. rich buffet and coffee, tea, juices, water)

Overnight stay

We offer an inexpensive accommodation in our club-internal “Hostel”.


With Outreach we support tournament participants from Eastern European countries who are taking part in a tournament in Berlin for the first time (Berlin Open, German Open or EC 2017). The funding for their participation in the Berlin Open 2024 amounts to EUR 50 per person on request, additionally the entry fee is waived. Outreach couples are given preferential consideration in the club’s “hostel”.

Any questions?

For questions that are not answered by our website, you can also contact us directly at .

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