content of the trainings (eng.)


Pascal Herrbach: Putting highlights
Focus: Slow Waltz

How can we move dynamic and confident in the room? Pascal will impart us, how to identify points of rest in the choreography. Only with them we can build up an arc of suspense, which helps us to interpret the following dynamic light-footed. On basis of a simple choreography in slow waltz we will deepen this topic.

Christian Wenzel: Flexible weight transfer
Focus: Slow Waltz & Tango

Reflecting our grounding and the vivid tension in our whole body especially in the contact points we will try to reach: – more quality in our own body in sending and receiving the bodyweight as the basis for a positive dialogue of two strong partners. – higher awareness and sensibility for the own responsibility to communicate every weight transfer to my partner with flexibility – swinging and harmonic movements in the space.

Gergely Darabos: The secret of the preparation step
Focus: Quickstep

The quality of the preparation step already decides, whether we gain the connection to the floor and are able to use it for the movement in common. We don’t go anywhere without moving down to the floor first! And especially not together!


Margaryta Vyshetravska: Our friend the floor
Focus: Samba, ChaCha & Jive

The topic of the training camp is one of my favorite topic. As without connection with the floor we can’t produce quality technique and really feel each other. First of all I would like to speak how can we use the floor to create rotation in our body, to produce dynamic and – after that – how can we make it in the couple together. And how can we produce swing movements from the floor and use the space even with the changes of dynamics and volume and changes of space and energy.

Gergely Darabos: Release as our main job
Focus: Samba

Without body action there will be no step! The movement will be prepared via twisting and suspension within the body and will be released via the following relief.

Pascal Herrbach: The art of offbeat actions
Focus: Rumba & ChaCha

Speedup via delay – or: the later you start the earlier you arrive. The art of offbeat action ist o create suspension via delay and to resist it, until it is nearly (!) to late. On basis of simple choreographies in chaCha and rumba we want to experience the following speed.


Margaryta Vyshetravska: Warm-up

With a mixture of Zumba as well as dancing specific cardio and strengthening we become awaken and warm. A short cool down will enable us to start refreshed in the day.

Serkan Arpac: Isolation technique in oriental dancing

In this training selected isolation technique of belly dancing/oriental dancing will be imparted, which could be used to spice up our latin. We will learn new movements as well as inspiration for our interpretation of latin dancing. For the latter we will get suggestions, how these elements could be integrated in the dances chacha, rumba and samba.

Andrea Schlinkert: Elements of tango argentino

With the help of selected typical argentino figures Andrea will impart us the particular of the unfamiliar hold in the couple – especially for the tournament toughened ballroom and latin dancers. While transferring these figures into international tango respective jive and rumba we will experience new insights in leading and following also of ballroom and latin.

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