Tickets for guests:

  • Day ticket: 15,- € incl. Dance for all in the evening
  • Day ticket reduced: 10,- € (students up to 18 years of age, as well as holders of the BerlinPass & severely disabled persons)
  • Admission is free up to the age of 6

Tickets are only sold at the box office. We do not carry out pre-sale and do not maintain a reservation list.


We expect a well-stocked hall from experience, but we have never had to reject visitors because the hall would have been sold out. We expect all visitors to be admitted again this year. Since there are no fixed seats and the number of seats is relatively limited, it is worth coming early for all those who value a seat.

Other prices:

  • Drinks and delicious food can be purchased on site during the tournament as well as in the evening.
  • Sunday brunch: 5 € per person (incl. rich buffet and coffee, tea, juices, water). Please register for the brunch via the registration portal, so that we can plan better. As a visitor, you simply do not enter information about the starting classes etc. (the starting classes are preset to “no”).

Data protection

The registration information will be used for the preparation and organisation of the tournament. Please note our privacy policy.

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