Information for couples

All tournament participants should be at least 16 years old. There are no age restrictions except for the senior category.

German Championships for women identified, men identified Couples

They will be held as open German Championships tournaments in Standard and Latin, separately for women identified couples and men identified couples as well as for main group and seniors*. In the senior category, each dancer must have at least a minimum of 40 years and the couple together 90 years.

They are open to all trans*, inter* and non-binary people, however, according to the rules during a tournament, they must assign themselves to either the women identified or men identified category. We recognize that the dance category chosen by trans*, inter*, and non-binary participants* does not necessarily reflect their gender identity, but rather reflects the competition in which they prefer to participate.

In addition, the German Equality Dancesport Championships for show couples and show groups will be held. The rehearsals will take place Saturday evening (alternatively also Sat/Sun early).

All these tournaments are danced according to the tournament rules of the DVET. The titles can only be awarded to couples where both dancers have their principal place of residence in Germany or German citizenship. This declaration must be completed and signed at check-in. You are welcome to bring them already filled in.

Queer contests

In addition, we will again hold Queer tournaments in Standard and Latin like last year at the Berlin Open. With these two tournaments we would like to invite all non-DTV couples, who have not felt welcome in the DVET tournaments so far, to join in the dancing, e. g. :

  • because as non-binary persons they will not assign themselves to any role,
  • because a* woman* leads a* man*,
  • because a couple with inter*/trans* people do not express a typical women*/men* couple,
  • because they like the idea of queer tournaments,
  • or. . . or. . . or

The tournaments will be organized according to the tournament rules of the DVET, but no official German Champion titles can be awarded. Dancing is done in one class at a time, i. e. there is no sighting round. There will be danced 4 dances each (CC, SB, RB, JV as well as LW, TG, SF, QS). We will make it possible that dancers of the queer tournaments can also participate in the women*/men* tournaments of the German Championships.

For a better schedule, please register by April 14th, 2023. The tournament will be held starting from two registered couples. Should only one couple register, we look forward to your presentation round.

Wheel contests

This year, for the first time, we will hold Wheel tournaments for dancers with wheelchairs in all combinations (Duo/Combi) in Standard and Latin. These tournaments are open to all Equality couples (women*, men*, and queer) – that would primarily be those who are not allowed to dance competitive wheelchair dancing. However, we are aware that in wheelchair dancing the question of leading and following is not always easy to resolve. Please contact us if you would like to dance with us! There will be both categories (duo/combined) and the performance classes (LWD1/LWD2) dancing together. Dancing is done in one class at a time, i. e. there is no sighting round. There are 3 dances each (CC, SB, RB as well as LW, TG, QS).

For a better schedule, please register by April 14th, 2023 . The tournament will be held starting from two registered couples. Should only one couple register, we look forward to your presentation round.

Please note that although we will prepare the adjudicators to prepare for the adjudication criteria of wheelchair dancing, we cannot provide a trained court of adjudicators during the competitions. In our premises are available to you suitable Toilets and changing facilities.


  1. Marta Lund (Kopenhagen, Dänemark)
  2. N.N. (vorauss. Ausland)
  3. Thorsten Michael-Schreiter(Hannover)
  4. Norbert Glohr (Hamburg)
  5. Jana Otto (Falkensee/Brandenburg)
  6. Oliver Wöstenfeld (Leverkusen)
  7. Anita Eggert (Berlin)
  8. Jens Neumann (Berlin)
  9. Holger Wenzel (Berlin)
  10. Marion Dehling (Berlin)

The Berlin judges will alternate in such a way that max. two adjudicators from Berlin will stand at the floor.

Entry fee per person:

  • Entry fee (standard price) for any number of starts at DM & Queer & Wheel: 25 EUR
  • Special price for only one start on DM or Queer & Wheel: 20 EUR

The entry fee includes admission for both days (incl. ball). The entry fees are reduced by 5 € per person for DVET members (association membership or personal membership) because the DVET subsidizes this amount.


With Outreach we support tournament participants from Eastern European countries who participate for the first time in a tournament in Berlin (Berlin Open, German Open or EC 2017). The sponsorship of their participation in the DM 2023 is 50 EUR per person on application, in addition the entry fee is waived. We offer an overnight accommodation in our club internal „hostel“.


Please register via this form. In case that you will dance with different partners, please fill in this form several times.


The information during registration will be used for the preparation and organization of the tournament. A start list with name and club as well as the results will be published. If you do not want to be named on the lists, please indicate this in the appropriate field during registration. Please note our privacy policy.

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